Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When in Rome...

Except, i'm not in Rome, I'm in Ireland! 

I am struggling to remember the method to making the keyboard on my ipad work, so bear with me on the mistakes throughout. OH, and this is going to be a super long post. #sorrynotsorry

Our journey started off on Sunday with an AMAZING brunch at our favorite Chattanooga location, 1885. We stuffed ourselves appropriately, knowing we were not looking forward to airport/airplane food for the following 24 hours. Well worth it, might I add.

We tooke a Groome's van to the atlanta airport, which was actually not too bad, and we made good time. I would recommend it for that reason, but be careful, you could easily end up in a van that's packed full with smelly people, and we all know that is ewwww.

Anyways, we had no trouble on our flights and getting to our connecting flight was so simple because our flight landed in the gate next to where we were supposed to take off from! Handy, for sure.  We slept a grand total of 15 minutes on the 5 hour 45 minute flight, which made for a miserably long day thereafter.

I knew I would loooooooove Ireland as soon as we landed.  When we got off the plane and into the line for customs, we realized many people around us had these Landing Card papers, which we either didn't see, or were not given, but we were stressing about it for sure. As we walked up to the queue for entrance we told the man (who, was very Irish and definitely had bright red hair), that we didn't have the cards, his exact reply was, "no one cares, go ahead." In a tone that suggested that we were harmless and welcomed like it was no big deal. And so, that was my first encounter with the Irish. Casual, friendly, blunt.

Moving along (I realize no one wants to read my novel),  everything in Ireland so far, has been pretty stress free. Our Dublin hotel was perfectly centered near everything we wanted to see like the Book of Kells, Trinity College, Stephen's Green, and the city centre. My favorite thing in Dublin was definitely the Long Room at Trinity College, which is the library. We also managed to visit St.Patrick's Cathedral and the Guiness brewery. At lunch one day, Drew spotted one of his former neighbor's from when he lived in Japan, crazily enough. The guy was super nice and invited us out for a pint at a local pub. *side story: on the way to the Guiness brewery I told Drew I would not go down this particularly sketcky alley, and he didn't tell me it was really the way to go, so we probably walked an extra half/ three quarters of a mile to get to the brewery. Lesson learned? Let Drew lead.

This morning was took a 3 hour train ride to Killarney, which is my new favorite place. I mentioned earlier that every country I've been to has one place that I would easily move to. Lisseux, Valencia, Cairns, and Killarney. It's small and quaint, and everything is close by. It's only con is that it is a bit touristy, but not like Gatlinburg for example.

Our hotel in Killarney is super cute and very Irish with it's wooden carved Celtic designs in the banisters, and it's near everything one could want to see. Already, my favorite thing about this little place was the amazing candy shop that is run by a man honoring his grandfather with the shop. He had every candy style and type for every kind of taste you could be looking for. He made us try the Irish version of WarHeads, and that was the most painful experience my poor jaw has ever been through! But, I powered through the sourness, and made it to the sweet part, which let me tell you, is a FEAT.

This evening, we are going out for some Indian food, and then going pub hopping to listen to some live Irish music. Tomorrow, we are off with the group do to the Gap of Dunloe hike. Super exciting stuff!

I am taking pictures, but they are on my "good" camera so everyone will have to wait until I get home :)

Things I do recommend: Groome's, Aircoach in Dublin for getting to your hotel, Bobo's for Irish burgers, Pifko's for a paddle of beer and delicious potato carrot soup, Trinity College. The whole of Killarney.

Things I don't  recommend: the Guinness brewhouse is cool if you've never been to one, but it takes HOURS to go through and you're time would be better spent elsewhere.

More to come tomorrow! Hopefully, if I do this daily it will not be as long!

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