Wednesday, August 27, 2014

not sure if...

Things are going pretty well in Alicialand. My work life has been so much easier without school to deal with, I never realized doing assignments was really taking up that much of my time and stress level, but I am certainly glad it is gone.

That being said, this newfound freedom and free time has made me truly evaluate my stress level and stress management.

I have known for a long time now that what stresses me out is not usually what stresses other people out. In high school, I never flipped out about college applications, and when it came time for interviews for big girl jobs after college I rarely got anything more than normal interview butterflies. For the most part, the fact that what normal people stress about doesn't bother me has been a blessing.  It allows me to remain calm and optimistic in a world surrounded by friends that are stressed. I can still be lighthearted and make people forget their worries every now and then.

However, it can sometimes suck to not stress about the normal stuff. Because the things that I do end up stressing about do not make sense to a lot of people, I hear a lot of, "you're fine", "that shouldn't stress you out", "it's really not that big of a deal." Which let me tell you, does not help someone like me. When I am already aware that what I stress out about may be dumb, my anxiety about it will be what it will be, and people telling me that it's not a reason to stress does NOT help.

Currently, it seems some people in my vicinity of life are stressed, and because not only am I not stressed, but I'm rather pleased with life which makes me wonder if i'm doing well or if I'm missing something major...

Anyways, this doesn't exactly sum up how I feel, but it's a little closer and more edited than the other ones I would post :)

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