Monday, July 21, 2014

what we have here...

Is failure to communicate. Oh, wait. That's generally the story of my life.

Regardless. I have missed blogging. I've missed the sound of my fingers clicking the keys away, trying to get the next word on the screen before I forget my thoughts, or the still feeling I get inside while my fingers hover over the keys, debating how honest to be. Knowing that you are spilling yourself to the world and yet no one at the same time. Putting thoughts into the universe that may, or may not have an impact. There's something cathartic about it, and so I am back.

Instead of boring my adoring audience (all 3 of you), with updating the details of my life (because you already know them), I will show you my summer in pictures.

I  graduated with my Master's Degree                I finished the school year and did some day drinking

I went on my first People to People trip and took Student Ambassadors to Paris and London.

I spent 4th of July with some wonderful people, good friends, and my sister included.

I cuddled with this ham >>>>>>>

I was honored to be bridesmaid in a college friend's wedding, and I got to see The Fray in concert in Nashville.

I also managed to snag in lunches, dinners, drinks, trivia, and movies with an assortment of friends that I don't get to see as frequently during the school year.

The Topic.

A friend suggested that I blog about "how can it be that hitting beach balls at an awesome concert can be so much fun?"

Though this is not necessarily the most thought provoking topic, and it will certainly not win me a Pulitzer, there is something to be said for it. We make memories stand out in our minds when they are different from other memories. I have many memories of eating pizza, but one very specific memory of being a young kid in Munchies pizza in Red Bank and burning the roof of my mouth for the first time. It stands out because it's different...painfully so.

Often, the same can be said for what makes certain activities "fun." Being on the beach is fun, as is hitting a beach ball. But in this case, you generally know where the ball is going, who you are aiming for, and where it is going next; there is a plan.

When you've spent two hours on an adventure car ride going to a place you're not necessarily familiar with, you're in the foreplay of making a memory.  When you are standing at a concert in the middle of nowhere, wet, with your eardrums thumping in your brain, and your eyes intoxicated by the pulsating lights on stage, surrounded by thousands of people feeling the same way you do, you feel a sense of unity and happiness at the sight of the giant beach balls. Everyone in the crowd reaches up in hopes of simply touching the one that comes near them, sending it back into the crowd for someone else to enjoy and create their own memories as well.

In the end, the answer is simple, what makes hitting a giant beach ball at an awesome concert so much fun is that it's a new memory that you've made with a thousand other strangers.

Tonight's Blogging Playlist:

Rob Thomas-Someday
Mariah Carey- Obsessed
Journey-Feeling That Way
Journey- Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

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