Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"So, you live with your Abuela?"

Not going to lie. There are days when it's difficult to be 25 and single. No husband. No kids. And then I remember; I'm 25, with no husband, and no kids. I have a master's degree, a career that I love, and I've traveled the world my entire life, mostly alone. It really doesn't matter that I have no husband or kids.

All of the above information is open to the public, and most people no longer question me on the husband/kids bit (as though either of those is something I alone control...umm hello, it takes two to tango). However, it is difficult to encounter the "'re 25, and you live with your...Abweela? Abula? Abdula?"

Abuela (ah-bweh-la). Her name is Abuela. Which brings us to: why does a 25 year old, single female, with a career, "still" live at home?

Because I CHOOSE to. Could I go out and buy a house alone? Absolutely. Could I go rent an apartment? Of course.

1. Why not buy a house? This *is* my house. My abuela, my sister, and I own it.
2. Why not rent an apartment? A. wastes money better spent elsewhere i.e, trips, education. B. like I need to be able to get myself in more trouble. C. I can already manage bills, I don't need that life skill. D. I have zero problems being alone, I don't need to "get used to it".

For those of you that have met, or heard enough about Abuela, you know that she is, for the most part, quite capable of taking care of herself. Minus the occasional watermelon I have to get from the trunk, or the horrible 1-800 numbers I have to call because she doesn't understand people well on the phone. In spite of these minor cons, the pros and memories that I build living with her are irreplaceable. While many of my friends have lost grandparents in their teen years, I have been lucky that mine are in good health in my late 20's.

Don't get me wrong. It is not always easy. My abuela is as old school Cuban/Catholic minded as they come. However, she has shown me through example what self-sufficiency means, how ladies *ought* to behave, and she has instilled in me a drive to succeed. Why would I give that up, to live alone?

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