Friday, July 25, 2014

my love affair with completely fictional characters.

Hello, my name is ARB and I fall in real and hard love with fictional male characters from books and movies.

The first time I remember this happening was when I was about 9 years old when I saw "Anstasia" in theaters. Yes, even animated male characters capture my interest. Dimitri was determined, sarcastic, and to be honest, a jerk through most of the movie. I spent many day dreams of my childhood hoping to fall into peril only to have my hero (Dimitri) come out of nowhere with a "wanna bet?!" and a right hook, freeing me from my captors evil grip.

The second time I really remember crushing hard was a few years later in 1999, when I read Harry Potter for the first time. When I first read those words, "Sunshine daises, butter mellow. Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow," I knew Ron Weasley was my guy. He was funny and experimental. As I continued reading over the years, I only fell more ridiculously in love with Ron Weasley. I liked Harry, he was a good hero (except when he was a whinny brat) but Ron stole my heart with his sense of humor and easy going nature. For the record, I would probably have checked into therapy if Rowling had killed him off, as she later stated. 

Finally, in my late high school years and well into my twenties I learned watched two movies that changed my life. 

The Breakfast Club
The Sure Thing

Now, I won't lie, I went through high school experiences that naturally drew me to John Bender. He was oh-so crude. He smoked, he was mean and sarcastic, and most importantly he broke the rules. All the time. It was true love when I heard, "Screws fall out all the time sir. The world is an imperfect place." Then there was my favorite, "Hey, how come Andrew gets to get up? If he gets up, we'll all get up, it'll be anarchy!" He was the guy that acted like he didn't care about anything, and for the most part, I believe he didn't. He was, no matter how crude, honest and never kept his opinions to himself. Bender had zero intention of letting anyone get the best of him, no matter the cost, which turned out to be about a bajillion Saturday schools. You came to understand that he opened up in bursts of anger, and that truly he wanted and needed the same basic needs of every other guy out there. 

I learned to love the bad boys.  And then I met Walter Gibson.

Gib was an ordinary guy, neither loved or hated by his general high school population. He tried to win girls over with his talk of Cassiopeia, and struck out often, but never let it get to him. He was funny, and kind hearted, and just wanted to have fun. I knew I loved him from the moment I watched his over the top attempt to get Alison to tutor him for their composition class. His love of junk food and necessary improv drew me to love him even more. I learned how to shotgun a beer from watching Gib, and I smile every time I hear the name "Nick." 

Here's the point. There's something to be said about my love affair with fictional characters, and my love affairs in real life. 

In my real life, I have been drawn to crude, sarcastic, funny, witty, brave/stupid, and drinking prone men. The exact same characteristics that my father portrays. 


If you read the above link, you will see that this is not unusual, and is somewhat to be expected for women with fathers present in their lives. 

However, to fall even more down the "that's weird" rabbit hole. Let's discuss my other, more minor crushes. There's Lloyd Dobbler (Say Anything). Jonathan Trager (Serendipity). Rob Gordon (High Fidelity). For those of you that have seen all of the mentioned movies, you've already spotted the connection. They're all John Cusack characters. Second PLOT TWIST, Dimitri from Anastasia was also voiced by John Cusack. I know, right? Weirder yet. John Cusack (who I clearly loved before ever knowing said real-life person,) looks almost exactly like a guy I had a massive crush on in high school. 

And now you know. 

If anyone happens to know a guy who is a combination of Dimitri, Bender, Gib, and Ron, I'm open for discussions about that person. 

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