Wednesday, December 11, 2013

my anger rant in short, to the point statements.

1. Preferring words of affirmation as your love language, and being a needy whiner that needs constant affirmation that you're doing things right, are 2 totally different things. You're a grown adult, do the best you can and that's that. I have my own crap to take care of , Im not your keeper.

2.  When it comes to my best friends,  I will tell them as much or as little as I feel is appropriate about my home life. DEAL.

3. How dare you give me a B when you haven't graded a single assignment all semester.

4.  Know that when it comes to your employee evaluation, in ANY job,  you are expected to do things outside of work, and YES, your boss looks at that. Whether it's stay late or attend a work shindig, DO IT and quit your whining. Welcome to corporate America., learn the ropes.

5.  Not every person in America is on food stamps to milk money off of the government, and not  every person in America is a free loader. STOP making assumptions when you don't know the whole truth. about that person or their life.

6.  The U.S has no official language OR religion. Yup, I'll speak Spanish all day  if I want to.

7.   Unless you currently have a 94 or above in my class, I DARE you to  fall asleep during exam review.

8.  Don't buy shit you can't afford and accumulate debt you can't pay. Someone, somewhere has to make up what you were too stupid to save.

9.   I went to college for  4 years and will finish with my masters in May. After all of that, I will as STILL only make $24.30 and hour.  I wish you would pay fast food employees $15.  For a job with no work to take home and nothing to worry about besides drama and a clean uniform, I'll quit my career and work there too.

10.  Making friends with people you work with is a very smart decision, especially in the educational field. If you want to assume people have no lives because they hang out with work people, you're the one missing out.