Thursday, October 24, 2013

A New View

Welp, of course. I've slacked again on posting.

But, I've at least thought about it multiple times!

Still no excuse for not doing it.


Let's talk about work!

Cause that's all I really have these days...

Odd thing is- I was really nervous about being a middle school MATH teacher in an all GIRLS school. Like, really nervous. I mean, my babies at the Wood weren't awful, but they certainly weren't the best kids I've ever seen. And sure, I had them under control, but it didn't feel like it most of the time. So, going to an all girls middle school was pretty scary. Here's the cool part's been awesome! Sure, I still have some behavioral problems, and sometimes I wonder if they're learning anything, but then I realize that my scores are looking pretty good so far, and that I haven't gone home upset once about something a student did or said. The girl drama isn't too bad either. The math teacher part I was more concerned about. It's going pretty well too. Sometimes I mess up, and sometimes I make mistakes, but no more than I did in my first year of teaching with every subject. And, if you think about it, this is kind of like a first year of teaching all over again.

The boss lady's pretty chill too, but I've learned that if I do my job, do it well, and go the extra mile, people are generally willing to help out. I've had an emergency that I had to leave work and she was more than understanding, and so far she's been very helpful.

What I'm saying is, I like it here. I think it's my home school.

Other stuff-
Since I've moved to Abuela's, things at home have been pretty chill, too. I spent the night at Ozark one night last week, and waking up with all of the Bland's and getting ready at multiple times was more stress than I like having while getting ready, so it's nice to just be able to get up and ready by myself in my own bathroom without having to let anyone else in or wait on anyone.

Nala's enjoying Abuela's company as well. Abuela has started giving her small bites of randomness, and Nala loves it. Yesterday, Abuela told Nala that she loved her "un poquito" MILESTONE.

Fall Break is also winding down, which makes me sad because I've done boring adult things all week. Oil change, dentist, doctors office, car wash, returning items, bank, vet, etc. But I guess the positive is that I at least got them done finally.

Dueces from my new view on Fair Street, which, coincidentally looks towards Ozark Road, Place, and Circle. Hence, Fair View of the Ozarks.

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