Tuesday, January 18, 2011

wheels down vienna.

ok. for starters, i realize i do not have the best grammar to begin with but this will be especially difficult because now im on a german computer and they dont even have apostrophes and such that i can figure out how to use.

also, the location of the z and y are switched on a german keyboard, so in the even of an error, please realize that im not quite that retarded, im just adjusting.

in other news, i havent blogged in awhile because its been hard to find the time what with trzing to fit in my last minute touristy things as well as packing to go and etc etc etc. but what youve missed so far was rather eventful...in madrid, i went to a REAL flamenco dance show...it was amaying. it was passionate and incredible and lawwwd were there some gorgeous sweatz dudes who know how to flamenco!!!

after that, i re-met super cute augustine, who plays futbol by the way, and his mom invited me to stay in her house on my way back through madrid to the states. yay. shess been incredibly sweet thus far, and i think im going to try to find something nice for her on my journeys.

in MORE boy news, i got to vienna today around 1200 and had to take a very expensive taxi to my hotel. which is bzy the way, amazing. so anyways, i got to the hotel before the room was ready and the most awesome thing happened. i am apparently the only person who signed up for this tour as a solo, so with no extra charge i get a room to myself throughout the entire tour!!!! yaynesssss.

so, i checked into the hotel, dropped off my luggage and went in search of food. i found a pizza place that looked really good and since i havent had pizza in forever, i decided to go. well, this was my first experience with being alone and not being able to communicate in any language i know, so it was rather difficult. BUT the waiter was super cute and knew enough english to get by. we got to talking and he asked me on a date!!!! then the other waiter guy, whos egyptian by the way came out and asked me on a date too!!! i had to say no obviously, they were complete strangers, but thats not really the point is it???!!!! but who knows, maybe ill make a friend or two on the tour and i can convince them thez are dzing for piyya and we can go back!!!!

sorry about the terrible grammar, hope it makes sense, but for now i gotta run cause its FEEE-REEE-ZING in this internet cafe thing.


  1. Hey -- love the post. Interesting about the German keyboard. Wonder why? Anyway - shoot me back an email if you will be in the neighborhood of Grenada anytime soon.

  2. I think the difference in the keyboards is due to which letters and symbols are used more frequently in each particular country. Germans don't really use apostrophes and they more frequently use "z" than "y." You'll notice that the keyboards change in every country. In the UK, the dollar sign isn't there, but you'll find the pound sign easily. It definitely takes some getting used to.

    I'm glad you're having a grand old time. Stay safe. I love you.

    (Oh, and, thanks for the humor there at the end. You're never gonna let that one go...)