Monday, January 10, 2011

running out of time!!!

Long story super short 'cause my time is about to run up.

I had an amazing day saturday!!! I went to plazas and I shopped and then Sunday I went to this amazing park!!!! And today the greatest thing in life happened. I got to tour the stadium where Madrid's futbol team plays. As in OMG. I got super excited. Originally I was going to see the royal palace today, but it was closed for special ceremonies. So, that is on the agenda for tomorrow!!!

“We have got great individuals but this team is not about individuals,” - David Beckham


  1. I think you should type up your blogs on your computer at nighttime and save them as a word, then you can copy/paste them here the next day. That way you won't have to be so rushed to give your readers what they want! and your desk will be used!!

  2. Hear Hear!! I agree with Yolanda! Give us more!