Saturday, January 29, 2011

que desastre!!

disaster does not even begin to cover what the last 48 hours have been like for me...

To begin: my tour ended and I had to say goodbye to all of my new aussie friends, which was bad enough. There were a few of us that stuck together on the Eurostar and then went our seperate ways in London. That being said, I hate the Eurostar, I thought I was going to throw up the entire time. Once we got to London we headed straight down to the metro, where thankfully I was able to catch one subway with no changes straight to the airport. The bad news? The airport though it doens't close, shuts down and you can't check your bags after a certain time. Translation, I couldn't check my bag therefore I could not go past security and could not get to any food or warm places where the doors aren't constantly opening. So, I piled my crap in a corner and decided to sleep in the airport. Unbeknownst unto me, the airport workers were coming that night to do repairs and major cleaning so sleep was out of the question. At 5 am, things started to open up, so I went to check my bag. The man behind the counter was super nice and told me he could switch me to an earlier flight to Madrid which would mean I would definitely make my connecting flight there to Valencia. So on I go through security. After a few hours in the Madrid airport, my flight is delayed 30 minutes. Then another 10. Then another 20. Finally, it's delayed an hour and 10 minutes after the original time.

Trying to do the polite thing, I called my grandmother and asked her to call her friend who was picking me up at the airport that I would be an hour later. Following this, I got on a plane the size of a freaking gum wrapper, and on I went. Once I arrived in Valencia, I saw that lo and behold...there was no one waiting for me. I called my grandmother and she said that her friend couldn't pick me up since I was late because she can't drive in the dark. Awesome. So I went to find an atm so that I could get cash to pay a taxi. Would you believe me if I told you this tiny airport had only 1 atm and it wasn't working? Next solution, take my emergency 50 american dollars and exchange them. Shockingly enough, turns out this airport has no type of money exchange. Taxis don't accept credit cards so I was screwed. Alright fine, I'll whip out my computer, connect to wifi, find my aunts number in an email and call her since she had originally offered to pick me up and beg her to come get me. Problem? the airport has no wifi anywhere. Now i'm really screwed. So, I connected my cell phone to the internet (which probably costs a fortune) found the phone number, called my aunt (at this point, I'm cold, tired, hungry, filthy, and exhausted) sobbing hysterically. She came to my rescue took me to her house, fed me dinner, let me shower and we watched Sense and Sensibility in spanish. Overall, a huge improvement to my day.

For the record, this was possibly though not the worst, easily a top 10 worst days of my life for me. However, now I am in Valencia, where I would be more than willing to move to, and I'm fed, slept, showered and happy.

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  1. Poor Baby!! So sorry you had a rough time :( Hope things are looking up now..