Saturday, January 22, 2011

one of a kind adventure.

To make what are many long stories into one relatively short one, I will try to leave out some parts so that I may say in person!

Monday night was another night of sleeping horrible in Madrid. That being said, I passed out on the plane to Vienna, didn't even wake up for take off and only woke up just before touching down. Paid out the rear to get to my hotel, but I got there in one peice and with all of my luggage which is honestly the most important part. I ambled around that day, and met with my tour and turns out...I selected an Australian tour group!! As in, I'm the only american, the only one without and australian accent, and the only one who didn't know what a wombat was.

Things I've learned about Aussies:
- They eat kangaroos.
-They love beer.
-They call themselves Kiwis depending on where they're from.
-They are now involved in the Iraq war along with us.
-They have very tight gun control in their country
-They're very nice people.

Oh, and most of them had never seen snow. It was pretty much the greatest thing to watch. Mind you, the ground was only like, coccaine dusted with snow and most of them flipped out.

Aside from that, I enjoyed Vienna, though it wasn't like I was expecting, and to be honest I was slightly disappointed...but what can you say when you go into a city with a "Sound of Music" mind frame... Prague on the other hand I fell in love with. I could easily spend years there. The views were amazing, the food was delicious, the city had old and new, it was amazzzzzing. We also went to the ahem, erotic machine museum which was a trip. There's some disturbing things in there. I won't lie though, I kept thinking, omg, i'm in the same city where Vin Diesel has breathed!!! Haha, other than that, it was amazing.

Now Berlin. We've only been here a few hours, but it was very interesting. It's not antique like the rest of europe, obviously the entire city has been rebuilt, but I don't really know what to say about it. The Holocoust Memorial was incredible and would have been much more moving for me had there not been parents putting their children on top of the concrete slabs that make the memorial and teenagers playing hide and seek in it. It was infuriating. We took a bus tour of the city and it was really interesting, and it definitely gave us ideas of what we want to do tomorrow. We also saw the sites where Hitler shot himself and where the Russians burned his and his wife's bodies when they found them 4 days after they had shot themselves. Found on 5/4/45.

Dinner is with the group tonight, and then there is a pub crawl of which I will not be partaking because I have big plans to get up super early tomorrow and go to one of the local concentration camps, followed by other Berlin related activities.

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