Thursday, January 6, 2011

king tut had a....


and I'm going to see it. He's in town at a museum along with all of his treasures. How interesting that he is a worldwide traveler in death, and not only that, but his money follows him wherever he goes! I should only be so lucky. Anywas, I realize King Tut is neither hispanic nor does he have anything to do with Spain, but he is something I will not probably get the opportunity to see again, lest I finally make it to Egypt one day, but as we know...they have snakes. ICK.

So, how was the parade? It was excellent. I got some fabulous pictures, which I will post to facebook this afternoon. I had a good time, and it was really fun to see the kids get all excited. Since today is the actual "holiday" everything is closed. Well, not tourist attractions such as museums, but El Corte Ingles (English Court) which is the closest thing to a VERY expensive Macy's here, is closed. That's saying a lot.

I believe tomorrow I will get up early...ish and try to get to el Museo del Prado (Prado Museum). It's just been soo hard to get out of my comfortablel bed in the morning since I'm so exhausted. Don't laugh, jet lag sucks...dodgeballs. I even went to bed at 10! I will honestly make a harder effort. After all, I've got things to do and things to see!

The lady who is renting one of her rooms to me is super nice, despite the DISTURBING portraits in her house. The other lady who is studying for a big medical exam is renting the room next to mine and we share  a bathroom. She is very nice as well, and more than willing to answer my more than retarded questions.

I will end with a quote I learned about yesterday that Madridians made up to describe themselves it's "Si te cae la casa, no te cae encima" meaning, if the house falls, it won't fall on you. (Madridians are NEVER at home)

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