Sunday, January 2, 2011

jet plane.

Har... I wish it was a jet plane. Instead, I will be smooshed on a 747 in a center aisle, in a center seat. Awesome.

As of 655 pm tomorrow, I will be leaving the Atlanta airport on flight 108 Delta, headed towards Madrid, Spain. I'll pause for your jealousy to sink in............

I will land at 915 am on January the fourth and will immediately begin sightseeing! I will be leaving Madrid and heading for Vienna at 855 am on January 18th. In Vienna, I will meet up with my tour, purchased through Kumaku agency. From Vienna, we will head to Prague, then to Amsterdam, then to Berlin. We will then drive (without sightseeing) through Paris, to the eurostar station. Together (for the most part), we will take the train to London, where we should arrive at approximately 7 pm. Unfortunately for me, my flight to Valencia, Spain won't leave until 11 am the next day. YAY. Oh wait, that sucks. I should land in Valencia at approximately 405 pm on January 28th.

Now, what this means ladies and gentlemen, is that I will have nearly 4 weeks in the cozy city of Valencia all to myself. So many things to do!!! Hopefull, I will be able to return to Madrid a few days before my flight to the US leaves so that I can pick up any stray souveneirs as well as prepare to leave Europe :[ Finally, my flight leaves Madrid on Friday February 25th where I will layover (again overnight) in Amsterdam. My flight will leave Amsterdam at 840 am, and I will land in the Atlanta airport where it all started on Saturday, February 26th at 340 pm. Thus concludes my trip. Well, add 4 hours to travel between here and Atlanta twice.

Today I had a very sentimental moment when my Abuela (grandmother) asked me to come by her house to get a cross to wear on the trip. (She has heavily influenced my life, as it's only because of her I speak Spanish and have some semblance of normalcy in my childhood) So, I went to my abuela's house and instead of a cross what she offered me was a medallion. Not just any medallion, the medallion my abuelo gave her as a gift when they were dating. It's engraved and says "never forget me 12/7/59". My abuelo died before I was born, and he's one of those people you know would have single-handedly changed the course of your life. Anyways, I know it's lame. But it feels special.

My apologies for such a long absence, things have been crazy what with getting my COLLEGE DEGREE and all :] that's right, I'm bragging. Shame, shame. Anyways, the planning is done, the packing is done. There is nothing more I can do to change things now, so all I can do is calm down and enjoy this very expensive ride.

I plan to use internet cafes while over there to blog (so that I don't have to write in a journal...yuck) and to email my parents who love me and are paying for this fabulous, crazy thing I have planned.

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"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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