Friday, January 7, 2011

epic journey. told in short, to the point sentences.

So here's the story from A to Z.  <---Spice Girls

I decided to go to visit King Tut. I got my backpack, took the map of the metro.

Rode the metro for 30 minutes. Got off at the stop. Went up to the street. Realized I left the address of the museum on my bed. Tried to call my housemate, but her phone was busy. Texted my cousin, but she was sleeping.

SO, I went back down to the metro, and this employee regocnized me (as I had apparently been lost here before.) I asked him how to get to the King Tut exhibit. .He told me a much faster way. Once again, the journey for Tut continued, thus with another metro least this one was much shorter. I got off the metro, and then I asked the security guy how to get to the Museum. His exact words were, go out the door, up the hill and it's on the right. Yeah, he didn't mention the "hill" was Everest and that "to the right" was the distance between the U.S and China...going East. Not to be distraught, I continued my journey. And alas! a sign for the King Tut exhibit! I continued walking. I saw many people. I got excited. And then I found the ticket counter!!! SO, I got out my wallet, went up to the window and asked her for a ticket to the exhibit, AND....

IT WAS CLOSED!!!!! For shame, sadness overwhelmed my exhausted being from smelling like metro to being rained on and all for nothing! But I was still not to be deterred. I decided to go home and try again the next day. Unfortunately, once I got home I read the fine print on the brouchure for the exhibit and what did I find?! The word "RECONSTRUCTION"...I was dismayed. And yet elated. I would not have seen King Tut who had a butt after all, but a rebuilt/ reconstructed model of the real thing.

Eventually, I was happy with the fact that I managed to get un-lost and that I did not pay 14 euros to see a fake, dead egyption pharoh. I made it up to myself by spluring on the guide to the musuem at el Prado.

It's been an eventful week.

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  1. So glad you are having a good time! I will be watching this to see what else you post. Keep us updated!!