Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sometimes I wonder if I've ever written a blogpost and given it the same name as a previous one on accident. This thought has nothing to do with this post however, so I shall contemplate it as I sit here at the airport in London for the next...12.5 hours.

Today was rather emotional because my tour ended. It was especially difficult because I've made some great friends who are amazing people and I feel somewhat left out because I'm the only one who doesn't even live in the same country as they do. Though I plan to visit, it does make it much more difficult considering the cost of the flight and that it is something like 20 hours total from Chattanooga/Atlanta to Australia. That being said, today was also rough because instead of saying goodbye to everyone at one time, we all broke off slowly. 3 people stayed in Amsterdam this morning, 10 stayed in Paris this afternoon, and though 7 of us went all the way back to London, we broke up at the Kings Cross station to head our seperate ways. I've pretty much had to control my sobbing about 6 times today. On top of this, I'm currently sitting in a (basically) closed Heathrow airport, waiting until the check in facilities open in the morning so that I can check my luggage and head upstairs. Not to mention that I'm very stressed about making my connecting flight that is only 45 minutes apart from my landing and I have no way of knowing until the morning if it will be in the same terminal.

In other words, the situation as it stands pretty much sucks. However, I made it to the tour, through the tour, and met some awesome people. And should something happen, I'm in a country where I speak the language and I have the money (only if need be) to get me out of pretty much any sticky situation I may find myself in. This does not however, detract from the fact that I'm absolutely exhausted, in need of a shower, starving, and kinda cold. Silver lining you say? I am almost half way through my trip! Though I'm having a ball, its hard not to miss things about home.

Which brings me to my next point. In all honesty, I've never considered myself to be a patriot for my country, or even really get that involved or excited about being an American. But this trip has made me realize (all the way from the dumb things, to the awesome ones) what makes the U.S special. We may be cocky, but we certainly aren't afraid to go out and try things. We are the land of free refills. And ice. We come to the aid of almost any country that is in need of help. Things like this make me glad to be an American. Besides, you know you're an American when that damn Toby Keith Red, White, and Blue song comes on and you start to cry.

I think my lack of proccessed American junk food is having an emotinally negative effect on my system. I'm blubbering like a 4 year old today.

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