Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the best time

I am honest to God, having the best time.

I am basically completely alone. I am forced to have to take care of myself (though only myself) and I have to find new ways to get un-lost!!!

I finally got to see El Palacio Real. It was amazinggggg. No one lives there now, but it´s still used for all official business. Like presidential visits, banquets, and such. Today I´m trying to get the town of Toledo, but tis of no avail. I can´t seem to find someone who is capable and intelligent enough explain which metro station to go to in order to get to the bus station that will take me there. Ridiculous.

SO, the reason I´m in Madrid is because one of my Abuela´s school friends from Cuba lives here. Her name is Mari Carmen. Well, under normal circumstances, I would be staying with her, but her daughter is dying of cancer, so she hooked me up at one of her friends house. In addition to this, she called of her daughter´s school friends MariEllena, to show me around town a few days. Well, MariEllena has been amazing!!! She´s so sweet and has taken me to so many different places and I so appreciate it. She and I have been talking the last few days and it turns out she has 3 sons...37, 32, and 23...welllll. My grandmother that if I made any friends, I should offer them the chance to come to TN and they can stay with her! As the gears in my head turned...I saw this gorgeous, blue eyed, Spanish speaking, Architect sitting in TN and I got very excited. So, i´ve invited him. And he´ll be coming to my land for a couple of weeks in the summer.

Other than that, I don´t really have too much to say. I´ve been here a little over a week and I´ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. I´m ready to go on my tour though. I feel like I´ve seen everything that peaks my interest currently in Madrid.

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