Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have no clue where I left off in my blogging adventures, so we shall start with Berlin.

First off, let me say that if you should ever travel to Berlin, I highly recommend you stay a minimum of 5 nights. Seeing the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in it's entirety (because it deserves nothing less than your undivided attention) should take you six hours. The same can be said for the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. Both are incredible, and encompass what I think of when I think of Berlin, so I am not at all upset that they are the only two things I got to do in the city.

After Berlin, we hit up Amsterdam yesterday. As a group we went through the Red Light District, which if new officials have their way, will no longer exist out in the open of the city. That being said, I was astonished to find how well run, not tacky, and professional the area is. No one is naked, it's mostly bikinis, and the shops look after each other. No one is allowed to take pictures, and no one is pushing you to do anything. I actually beleive that if it shuts down in the city, it will only be pushed underground and done illegally with not so upstanding citizens.

Today in Amsterdam was busy! We started off the morning by going to a farm to see a man who makes his own cheese and his own wooden Dutch Shoes. It was incredible!!! The cheese was freaking delicious, and the way he makes the shoes is rather incredible. I bought a few souveneirs for my parental figures, and a few other things. After that, we headed to a wind-mill to take our last group photo, and then we went to the city center where we all visitied the REAL house in which Anne Frank lived with her family during WWII. That was quite an experience, and might I add, the museum people have done a FABULOUS job of building around the foundations of the original building and preserving the original rooms where the family stayed. It was amazing. After some delicious European pancakes for lunch, we headed to the floating flower shops, and then to the Heineken Museum/Brewery. Though I am not a fan of this beer, I must say it was extremely interesting to see the ins and outs of the company and the makings of the beer. By the time we got out of the museum, it was time to head to our last group dinner, and then for a canal cruise! And, a few hours later, here I sit, telling you about it.

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