Wednesday, January 5, 2011

beinvenidos a madrid!

Despite that I slept 2 hours or so on the plane, by early yesterday afternoon I was exhausted. I went to bed at 9 pm and slept until 830 this morning. I'm still trying to adjust, so I haven't felt much like wandering yet....

HOWEVER, my search to find an internet cafe had to be done asap, as it is the best way to communicate with my family (since it costs me .99 a minute to call). So, did I find an internet cafe? Well you would think so since I'm blogging, but nope. I found a Starbucks! I have yet to find a cafe with wi-fi in Madrid so I bought myself a coffee, asked for the code and here I sit. I think I have 10 of my 45 free minutes left.

I'm going to watch a very special parade tonight in La Puerta de Alcala. Since tomorrow is the epiphany, (when the 3 wise men got to Jesus) the city of Madrid puts together a fabulous show. To date, I have been told that Madrid is the only city left in the world that gives children their gifts on "Los Reyes or, The Kings" holiday. It's very exciting to be here on such an eventful time! Oh, and to all the naysayers, the weather here is fine. Jeez.

To see the La Puerta de Alcala, click here :,r:3,s:0&tx=82&ty=46

Otherwise, Feliz Dia de Los Reyes!

I can't find  quote I like today, so just go to google and read the short story "The Gift of the Magi" if you never have. It's freaking inspiring.

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  1. happy you are there safely and starting to settle down. jetlag bites!
    hope it is wonderful!